Don't Panic is a TranScribe in Prey.


From: Garfield Langly
To: Miyu Okabe
Miyu Okabe: Hello?

Garfield Langly: Hey. It's Langly. Are you... uh... is there anything weird going over there?

Miyu Okabe: No. Like what?

Garfield Langly: I don't want you to panic.

Miyu Okabe: What is going on, Langly?

Garfield Langly: Not sure yet. Security's running all over the place. So everyone's still working there?

Miyu Okabe: I guess. I don't know. I've been in the lab all day. Hang on. I'm looking now. I don't-

Garfield Langly: What was that?

Miyu Okabe: Oh my god. I think we just lost two labs.

Garfield Langly: What?

Miyu Okabe: I have to go.


This TranScribe can be found next to Miyu Okabe's corpse near the Grav Shaft of the Atrium, Hardware Labs.