"Selector M. Yu. What would you conclude if you knew your purpose, but… disliked it? Would that be a defect?"
One of the Disc Rifle quotes. [src]

The Disc Rifle also known as Cazavor in the developer notes is a cut weapon that was set to appear in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The Disc Rifle was a sentient disc-firing weapon that was eventually cut from the final release of the game. The weapon had a sentient AI that would become more aware of its surroundings as time passed on. It would give feedback to its user actions like 'Reloading,' 'Firing,' 'Target acquired', and similar things. There's also some suggestion that the weapon would have eventually refused to fire altogether, after reaching peak levels of sentience. 

Disc Rifle even had a planned side quest. The Disc Rifle can apparently be spawned in an untextured state (it's also described as a shotgun)—as can its initial line of feedback dialogue.

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