Derelict Shuttle is a side quest in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Hunter Hale, pilot of the shuttle Exalt, sent a mayday not too far from the station. I found out his shuttle was overrun with mimics. He was carrying volunteers.

Objectives Edit

  • Find out what happened to Hunter Hale and Shuttle Exalt.

Walkthrough Edit

There are two ways to find the shuttle Exalt. If you see it floating out there in space on one of your spacewalks, you can just fly over to it. Or you can wait until you explore the Pilot Planning Room as part of the Repo Man main story objective. You’ll pick up Galel Seif’s TranScribe and listen to a message from the shuttle Exalt’s captain. This will give you the Derelict Shuttle optional objective.

Find out what happened to Hunter Hale and Shuttle Exalt Edit

There’s only one tricky part to this objective. There may be a weaver waiting for you in or around the shuttle when you get there (it was there in one of our games, but not the other). A combination of a Nullwave Transmitter (or the Psychoshock power) and your Q-Beam will make short(ish) work of it.

When you get inside the shuttle, there’s no investigating to do. You answer the question just by showing up. Loot everything and everyone you see. You can repair the panel on the wall to get access to the Cargo Bay, however its uses 8 spare parts, and there is very little to be found.