"Hello, Morgan. It's time we spoke. My code name - is December. My purpose is to help you escape Talos I."
December upon first contacting Morgan. [src]

December is a reprogrammed Operator that guides Morgan Yu through the Talos I and appears in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Unlike January, December encourages Morgan to escape by using Alex Yu's escape pod. If you are too late December will be destroyed by an unknown assailant, but his/her body can then be looted for the code for Alex's safe.

However if you are in the Neuromod Division when December is destroyed, you see that the assailant is January, who claims that December was either a malfunctioning Operator or a work of Alex's.

History Edit

December first makes contact when Morgan enters the Psychotronics Labs. He tries to convince Morgan that he should instead escape Talos I by using a private escape pod owned by Alex.

December tells that Morgan made a copy of the launch key and hid it in the Neuromod Division. He then urges him to meet December in the foyer of Neuromod Division as his office isn't safe.

When Morgan reaches the foyer they find December already destroyed by January.

Trivia Edit

  • If January is destroyed by the player, early in the game or before going to the Neuromod Division. December will live and contact the player again after they retrieve Alex's suite key. And after the player finds the key to Alex's escape pod, Morgan will encounter December again by the escape pod and self-destruct, after telling Morgan that it has uploaded the data to Morgan's transcribe.
  • December speaks in a fragmented, robotic tone, as opposed to January's human-like speech patterns. December also shares a few lines of dialogue with January, evidence that it was based on Morgan as well, though an earlier "version" of him.

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