Danielle Sho
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Unknown (Real Danielle)

Determined (Science Operator)

Gameplay information
Appears in:

Prey (2017)




Head of I.T

Real World information
Voice Actor:

Mae Whitman

Danielle Sho was a researcher stationed in deep storage aboard Talos I.

History Edit

Background Edit

Danielle Sho worked as a chief archivist in Deep Storage. She also had a romantic relationship with Abigail Foy.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu meets her for the first time outside the Fitness Center window after clearing out the Telepath and mind-controlled humans. He taps the window few times and Sho flies to him. After realizing that Foy is dead, she requests Morgan to kill Luka Golubkin, aka Volunteer 37, who is impersonating the kitchen chef.

In post-credit scene she appears as one of the Operators along with Mikhaila, Igwe and Sarah when Alex reconstructs Morgan using Typhon materials.

Quest Edit

Main Quest Edit

To get Access to the Deep Storage, you need to find her Transcribe recordings on Crew Quarters. The only side quests that will link you to main quest to Deep Storage is A Cook's Request, Danielle Sho and Kill the Impostor Cook. If you met her at Fitness Center before you search all of her transcribes she will give you the code so you won't need to go to the Crew Quarters to collect all transcribes.

Alternate way is to gain all of transcribes related to her voices at Crew Quarters and if you complete it, she will not give the voice code.

On the quest of Danielle Sho, you need to clear the Fitness Center from mind-controlled humans and Telepath. Once clear, signal the windows with wrench and she will appear.

Related Quest Edit

  • Kill the Impostor Cook
  • A Cook's Request (where you will found her girlfriend's (Abigail Foy) dead body inside freezer.
  • Danielle Sho (Will obtain the quest once you found Abigail's transcribe recording on freezer).
  • Deep Storage

Personality Edit

Danielle Sho exhibits relentless anger to authority and the Yu family.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name may be a anagram for SHODAN of System Shock, as she played a similar role in early design documents.
  • On a computer located in the Yellow Tulip there is a Semi Sacred Geometry cover performed by Danielle Sho.

Gallery Edit

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