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  • Explodes in close proximity
Appears in::

Prey (2017)

Cystoids are a type of Typhon encountered on Talos-1 during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Cystoids are the smallest Typhon creatures that players encounter in Prey, but their size can be deceptively disarming. About the size of a softball, these creatures make up for their diminutive size with some explosive firepower, and these little firecrackers tend to travel in packs and live in Cystoid Nests. Cystoids aren’t deep thinkers, so the second they sense movement, they take off on a Kamikaze mission that ends in a tiny explosion. 

Being damaged by multiple Cystoids gives radiation poisoning. 

Design Edit

Cystoid looks like a small, black ball with spikes on it.

Strategy Edit

Cystoids kill themselves when they explode, so as long as players are aware of their surroundings, they can easily deal with these nests by tossing a random object in their direction or use GLOO cannon.

Cystoids also produced by Weavers when attacked.

Gallery Edit

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