Crew Quarters is one of the hubs aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Crew Quarters is the primary living quarters for all staff aboard Talos I. It would seem many of the station's crew members were trapped here during the Outbreak, as 19 human survivors can be found here. However all but 1 of these are under the mind control of a Telepath. The mind-controlled survivors are separated into two groups, in the Cafeteria and Fitness Center, with each group having a Telepath stationed there.

Enemies Edit

Weapons Edit

Places of Interest Edit

  • Crew Cabins A
  • Crew Cabins B
  • Cafeteria
  • Recreation Area
  • Fitness Center
  • Yellow Tulip Lounge

Quests Edit

Main Quests Edit

  • Danielle Sho (Alternate way of getting Voice Code through Gathering Echoes Quest)
  • Gathering Echoes

Side Quests Edit

TranScribes Edit

  • Bring Me Food
  • Happy Birthday Daddy
  • Fatal Fortress 3
  • Say Yes
  • Dear Future Us 1
  • Dear Future Us 2
  • Get Out
  • Calvino Notes 1
  • Calvino Notes 2
  • Calvino Notes 3
  • Calvino Notes 4
  • Surveillance Request: Annalise Gallegos
  • I Can Read Sheet Music
  • Birthday Tryst
  • Operator Skillet
  • Bang on the Window
  • Abby isn't Answering
  • Fatal Fortress 2
  • Password Safety

Notes Edit

Crew Edit

Gallery Edit

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