Grant Lockwood: Hey, Jessica. Got a minute?

Jessica Wiley: It's my day off...

Grant Lockwood: Yeah... But can you run me through the container docking procedure again? I missed the training session.

Jessica Wiley: Ugh. Grant...

Grant Lockwood: Please. If I ask Gus again he'll lose his mind.

Jessica Wiley: Are you at the Crate Docking Controls station?

Grant Lockwood: Yes!

Jessica Wiley: First, enter the handling number of the container you want to dock.

Grant Lockwood: Uhm... where do I get the number?

Jessica Wiley: Look at the container, Grant. It's stenciled on the outside. Once you enter the number you should see some options pop up. Select "Dock." That's it.

Grant Lockwood: And... I guess "Open" opens the container?

Jessica Wiley: Yes. But both ends can never be open at the same time. That way the interior loading zone stay pressurized, even when the cargo bay doors are open.

Grant Lockwood: Okay, I think I got it. Thanks, Jess! Jess? Hey, you there? Okay bye.