"Get what you need from the machine shop. And if Clive is being an ass just take it from the supply closet when he's not looking."
Lorenzo Calvino regarding Clive [src]

Clive Lawrence is a mechanical engineer working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Clive worked as a mechanical engineer in the Hardware Labs aboard Talos 1. He creates the Huntress Boltcaster with Mary Malinaro and Franklin Goode, and a plan is made to play an assassin-style game in the Arboretum and Crew Quarters. In Clive's engineering workbook, Franklin claims he only worked on the project to impress Mary.

Clive creates Lorenzo Calvino's scale, which opens Dr. Calvino's secret compartment when an object weighing 170 grams is placed on it. He also has access to the supply closet in the Machine Room, and shares the code with the Small Scale Testing group.

Clive seems to resent Morgan Yu due to Morgan repeatedly requesting Operator parts without using them to fix any Operators. When Danielle Sho emails him about missing operator parts, he tells her to bring it up with Alex as it is Morgan's responsibility.

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Clive can be found as a Phantom on the demonstration stage in the Hardware Labs. He kills Thaddeus York by shooting a Kinetic Blast at him as he tries to escape.

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  • Franklin writes an entry in Clive's engineering workbook that says Mary will never give Clive the time of day even if he improves her Huntress Boltcaster design. This implies Franklin and Clive may both have feelings for Mary.
  • Clive's rejected name idea for the Huntress was "Painthrower".

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