Chipsets are special modifications found on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

A Chipset is a modification for the TranStar uniform and Psychoscope with various benefits. Morgan only has a set number of slots to fill with Chipsets: more slots can be unlocked through the Suit Modification and Psychotronics abilities. You will still have to prioritize which ones you think are more valuable than others. On top of this, Chipsets are randomized, meaning that no one Chipset will be in the same location for two players. It is possible to acquire the same Chipset multiple times, though this is probably not intended since multiple copies of the same Chipset cannot be equipped.

Suit Chipsets Edit

ADVENTURER’S TOOLKIT V1.X 'Your Game Master is proud of you! As a reward, you get the following: Increased recycler yield, Increased wrench critical hit chance, A more efficient flashlight, Crawl through tight spaces more quickly. Everything you need for a successful dungeon excursion.' - A. Foy
ARTX PROPULSION GEN 2 Adds a jet boost ability to the Artax Propulsion System.
ARTX PROPULSION GEN 1 Increases the Artax Propulsion System’s glide speed.
BACKLASH REACTOR S-P58 The Backlash ability now has a chance to return damage to the attacker.
BATTERY OPTIMIZER IMI7 Increases the battery life of the flashlight.
BEAM SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Reduces damage taken from laser attacks.
CARE4YU S-I34000X Decreases the chance of trauma infliction.
CELL REFURB 00Q-X1 Collect more Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from robotic corpses, such as Operators or Turrets. Retroactively applied to robotic corpses that already exist: these ammo types will appear on them when this Chipset is equipped.
D.F.A. Falling on an enemy or ally will damage them.
EMP SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Decreases the effects of EMP damage on your suit and weapons.
ETHERIC SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Grants resistance to Ether damage.
FSLIDE INFBS_99 Reduces damage sustained while sliding.
GAME MASTER’S IRE V1.X 'For shame, adventurer. Your reward for taking shortcuts in the treasure hunt is as follows: Reduced recycler yield, Diminished flashlight capability, Reduced speed while crawling through tight spaces. Install this as your penance and remember valor above all else.' - A. Foy
GROUNDING RESISTOR (*) 19.4GHZ Grants resistance to electric damage.
HEAVY GEAR OPTIMIZER CRU Increases movement and aiming speed while firing the GLOO Cannon or Q-Beam.
HEPATOCYTIC AMP S-M186 Eliminates drunken effects of alcohol.
IMPACT AMP S-390 Wrench swings have a greater chance to knock back an opponent.
IMPACT DAMPENER CRU[V1] Reduces damage taken from crashing during flight in zero-g.
INTEGRAL STRUCTOR B5NM Morgan’s suit is more resistant to environmental hazards that degrade its integrity.
KINESTHETIC ASSISTER CRU Regenerate stamina more quickly.
LAST CHANCE COREV1 Blows that would otherwise kill you will leave you with one health instead. This ability has a 5-second cooldown.
LEVERAGE ASSIST CRU Reduces the time it takes to pick up heavy objects.
POLYSHIELD CRU Grants increased protection against physical damage.
PROWL S-6400 Increases your movement speed while sneaking.
RADIATION SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Grants resistance to radiation.
RECYCLER SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Specialized shielding makes you immune to Recycler Charges.
THERMAL SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ Grants resistance to fire damage.
V-AMP .23 Performing a Sneak Attack restores some health to Morgan.

Psychoscope Chipsets Edit

AGGRESSOR AMP 1337SI Increases the damage of all Psi attacks by a small amount.
CORAL DETECTOR 64SI Modifies the Psychoscope to be able to scan Coral.
CORAL PSI EXTRACTOR (*) 21.4GHZ Morgan regenerates Psi while in contact with Coral.
ELECTROSTATIC AMP +6QW5 Boosts the amount of damage done by the Electrostatic Burst ability.
ESP TARGETING 163XF Increases damage to enemies marked by the Psychoscope.
FARSCAN 002SI Increases the range at which Typhon can be scanned with the Psychoscope.
FEAR REACTOR 0322SI Upon killing a Typhon, there is a chance to trigger a Fear blast on other nearby Typhons.
FEAR SHIELDING (*) 21.4GHZ Grants resistance to Fear.
GOVERNOR 1400SI Increases the duration of Machine Mind and Mindjack abilities.
KINETIC AMP +6QW5 Boosts damage done by Kinetic Blast.
M3CHT3CH DX_2.0 Reduces the time it takes to repair an object.
MIMIC DETECTION GEN 1 Allows detection of Mimics disguised in the environment.
MIMIC DETECTION GEN 2 Allows detection of hidden Greater Mimics.
NULLWAVE SHIELDING (*) 21.4GHZ Shields Morgan from the effects of the Nullwave Transmitter.
OPTIMIZER (ENERGY) 00100Z Reduces the Psi cost of Energy powers.
OPTIMIZER (MORPH) 00100Z Reduces the initial Psi cost of Morph powers.
OPTIMIZER (TELEPATHY) 00100Z Reduces the Psi cost of Telepathic powers.
PISTOL CRITICAL++ Increases the critical chance rate when firing Pistols.
PSI REFLECT (*) REV609-1 Chance to reflect a Psi attack from a Typhon enemy.
POTENTIALIZER 23-0948SI Increases maximum Psi pool by 50.
PSIV-AMP .24 Sneak Attacks restore a small amount of Psi.
PSYCHOACTIVE CHARGER S-I286 Slowly regenerate Psi over time.
PSYCHOLITIC CONVERTER =/~ When the Psi meter is empty, powers will consume the health of Morgan instead, but at an increased rate.
PSYCHOSHOCK AMP +6QW5 Boosts the amount of damage done by Psychoshock.
PSYCHOSHOCK SHIELDING (*) 21.4GHZ Grants resistance to Psychoshock.
REACTIVATOR X2T-00 Decreases the cooldown time of Psi powers.
RECOVERE++ 2094I Enhances the regeneration rate of Health.
SHOTGUN CRITICAL++ Increases the critical chance rate when firing the shotgun.
SPEEDSCAN 001SI Decreases the amount of time needed to complete a scan from Morgan’s Psychoscope.
SUPERTHERMAL AMP +6QW5 Boosts the amount of damage done by Superthermal.
WRENCH CRITICAL++ Increases the critical chance rate when attacking with a wrench.
ZERO POINT PSI 19-03WEOS You have a chance to cast a Psi power for free.

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