Sarah Elazar: Log Entry. Chief Elazar. I and five of my officers, plus one civilian, are sealed in the Cargo Bay. Attempts to reach the escape pods... have failed. Escape pod... malfunction, it seems. All of them. Almost three dozens lives were lost as we attempted to correct the problem, but we were forced to retreat... only to find the elevators had also been locked down. With no other option available, we secured ourselves in the Cargo Bay. Officers Teague and Remmer... in order to help the last remaining survivors... attempted to mount a rescue operation. We are surrounded. The creatures on the station... they have escaped confinement. As expected, standard munitions proved ineffective. The creatures... began to multiply among the people they killed. We are fortifying our position, looking for anything that could help us defend ourselves. If we do not survive, commendations are in order for Officers Hayashi, Hertz, Hague, Cool and Rose.. and posthumous commendations for Teague and Remmer. Hertz, check the comm... see if you can raise anyone on the station through the announcement system, then-