Cargo Bay is where all the shipments come and go aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

All the shipments come and go through Cargo Bay and this is the rally point of the Security Officers led by Sarah Elazar.

Weapons Edit

Enemies Edit

Places of Interest Edit

  • Cargo Bay B
  • Cargo Bay A

Quests Edit

Main Quest Edit

Side Quest Edit

  • Whistleblower

TranScribes Edit

  • What is a Reployer?
  • Alfred Rose's Orders
  • Austin Cool's Orders
  • A Commendation for Officer Hague
  • Cargo Bay B Keycode
  • Cargo Bay B Sitrep
  • We Need Bigger Guns
  • Leitner Music Sample
  • Parcel Not Delivered

Crew Edit

Gallery Edit

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