Bring a GLOO Gun is a TranScribe in Prey.


From: Jorgen Thorstein
To: Thaddeus York
Thaddeus York: Dr. Thorstein?

Jorgen Thorstein: Where are you?

Thaddeus York: Machine shop. I was just- I... heard an explosion.

Jorgen Thorstein: Forget that. Grab whatever you can, and get in my office. We're evacuating.

Thaddeus York: What? What should I-

Jorgen Thorstein: Neuromods. Exotic material. Just hurry. Meet me in my office.

Jorgen Thorstein: Yes, sir.

Jorgen Thorstein: And bring a GLOO gun.


This TranScribe can be found next to Thaddeus York's body after he gets while escaping a Phantom in the Demonstration Stage, Hardware Labs.