"Hello, Volunteer. My name is Bianca Goodwin. I'm the Volunteer and Guest Liaison aboard Talos I. I wanted to be the first person to congratulate you when you woke. On behalf of everyone at TranStar, well done and thank you."
Bianca Goodwin during surgery debrief. [src]

Bianca Goodwin is volunteer and guest liaison on Talos I during Prey.

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Bianca Goodwin worked as volunteer and guest liaison aboard Talos I. At some point John Haskins contacts her, asking for her support with agitated volunteers. He also gives her a new keycode to volunteer chambers. Goodwin answers by asking Chief Elazar to send a team to do a quick once over of the premises to ensure Haskins safety, saying that they can't put any more security to this location. She denies Mikhaila Ilyushin request to access volunteer data and organizes Dayo Igwe's meeting with Gustav Leitner.

Prey (2017)Edit

Bianca Goodwin was seemingly transporting various containers to or from the Shuttle Bay, when she was killed. Her body rests next to the trolley in the cafeteria of the Talos I Lobby, by the Shuttle Bay entrance.

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