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"Yes! Let's see how you fuckers like it!"
Tommy [src]
Primary fire::

Machine gun

Secondary fire::

Flak grenades

Firing range::
  • Close/medium (machine gun, due to spread)
  • Long (grenade)
Rate of fire::

Very fast

Featured in::


Auto-Cannon is a cannon-type weapon gained from Centurion in level Sacrifices during the events of Prey.

Overview Edit

Tommy gains this weapon by dismembering one of Centurion arms. Its a rapid-fire, multi-barrel machine gun, complemented by an organic flak grenade launcher. Grenades explode on impact. Note, that prolonged use of the primary fire will make the gun overheat and require some time to cool off the barrels.

Usage Edit

The weapon is good when facing tough enemies or large group of weaker enemies.


  • The name and the fact that Tommy can use the weapon right of the bat without the need of any modifications, suggests that the cannon are autonomous in design and operate on their own without the need of input from a living creature.
  • During Auto Cannons idle animation, the spider-like creature on the weapon moves and a little spark between the creatures madibles will be seen.


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