Ash Lasair is a cargo handler on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Ash Lasair worked as a cargo handler in Cargo Bay aboard Talos I. Lasair was contacted by Eric Berger, who complained about his parcel being not delivered yet. She answers that the system has shutdown, because of some kind of fail safe trigger. Lasair adds that it will take some time until it's fixed, unless Berger wants to ask Alex Yu for permission to reboot the entire space station, which would fix the problem immediately. Berger than decides to check into the problem himself.

Later with the help of Edward Douglas, Lasair tried to re-establish the cargo transit by activating Cargo Processing command in Cargo Bay and G.U.T.S. at the same time. Unfortunately, a platform falls on top of Lasair and crushes her.

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Morgan Yu finds Lasair's corpse in Cargo Bay Level 1 under the platform that crushed her. She holds a Shotgun Fabrication Plan in her hands and carries random loot.

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