"Scientifically pioneered ecologies"
Talos I Poster [src]

Arboretum is an artificial park aboard Talos I in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Arboretum is location where stations food is grown. Researchers also work on various agronomic breakthroughs, like super fruit. It also serves as a place for crew to relax. Alex Yu's Office is on the middle of the Arboretum and he has personal Escape Pod that lies on top of his office floor. It is where Morgan and Alex will witness the arrival of Apex.

Enemies Edit

Weapons Edit

Place of Interest Edit

  • Alex Yu's Office
  • Greenhouse - Contains the Water Pressure Regulator. Guarded by a Telepath and 3 Mind-controlled humans (Including Rani Chaudhary).
  • Manufacturer Room
  • Storage Room AR01
  • Alex Yu's Escape Pod

Side Quests Edit

TranScribes Edit

  • Find Grant Lockwood
  • Three Taps of a Wrench
  • Hacking Into Deep Storage
  • The Golden Gun
  • Super Fruit
  • I Keep Having This Dream
  • Just In Case
  • If Things Go Sideways

Notes Edit

  • Formula Testing Approved
  • Greenhouse Help
  • Final Approval

Crew Edit

Gallery Edit

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