The Apex is a hostile Typhon encountered on Talos I during Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

The Apex is the largest Typhon yet observed, and attacks and begins consuming the Talos I space station near the end of Prey. The Apex is most likely summoned by the structure known as "Coral" constructed by the Typhon, which Alex Yu claims is a means of communication for the Typhon. The Apex cannot be killed directly by Morgan but its tendrils can be destroyed, even though they will return shortly.

There are only two ways to defeat Apex: destroying Talos I through self-destruct which results in destroying the Apex as well, or installing the Prototype Nullwave Transmitter on the Heart of Coral to defeat the Apex without destroying Talos I.

Trivia Edit

  • When trying to scan the Apex, Yu's health is reduced to 1, their Psi is drained completely and it instills fear but no scan research is cataloged.
  • An "apex predator" is an animal on top of the food chain, where nothing else is able to hunt it.
  • Apex's Tendrils are extremely weak, one shot from any weapon will kill it.
  • Without a scanning speed upgrade chipset for the Psychoscope, the tendrils will disappear before a successful scan can be completed (at around the 70% mark) with a speed upgrade they can be scanned three times, but it does not unlock anything.
  • All side quest missions on Talos I Exterior will be instantly failed once the Apex arrives.
  • After scanning all scannable typhon, there remains one more faded spot, most likely reserved for the Apex, even though the Apex isn't actually scannable.

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