Laurel Davis: Langly!

Garfield Langly: Hey, what's the matter?

Laurel Davis: He's... he's dead!

Garfield Langly: Whoa... what? Who's dead?

Laurel Davis: Anders. I tried to call security... I tried-

Garfield Langly: Do you need a medical team?

Laurel Davis: I said he's dead, Langely!

Garfield Langly: Right. Laurel. Take a deep breath. Tell me what happened.

Laurel Davis: Okay. I'm okay. Sorry. Anders went into the mag chamber to test one of the coils that's been flaking on us. I don't know what happened exactly - but there was a pulse. I think it cooked him in his suit.

Garfield Langly: God. I'm so sorry, Laurel. Can you get up to the Arboretum?

Laurel Davis: No. Anders had the keycard.

Garfield Langly: Okay. Got it. Listen. Just sit tight. Don't go into that chamber. I'm going to find Chief Elazar - we'll get a security team your way ASAP.