"I- I got an SOS from a Kirk Remmer? I was going to route him to security but we got cut off. He said he was at the escape pods in Life Support? "
Alika to Gerald Wildman [src]

Alika James is a station monitor working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Alika James worked as a station monitor aboard Talos I. Alika was contacted by Kirk Remmer in order to get some help on the malfunctioning pods, but is cut off. She then contacts Gerald Wildman, Remmer's supervisor asking what she should do with Kirk's SOS signal. Gerald answers that he has his own problems one of his cargo bays blown wide open causing many casualties. Alika then asks if she should relay his message to Dr. DeVries, but Gerald cuts off. She also got an invite to Izumi Minami's birthday party by Skye Braxton.

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Morgan Yu finds James corpse at the entrance to Arboretum. Two Typhon corpses laying near her suggest them to be the cause of her death. She carries lemon peel.

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