"I don't know what's happening, Robert, you have to get out of there. Come to the elevators. Someone said we're evacuating. Robert?"
Alice Aiken to Robert Gage [src]

Alice Aiken is a researcher working aboard Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Alice Aiken was a neural mapping specialist working in the Neuromod Division. She emails Marco Simmons about why Morgan Yu's simulation is necessary, so he replies explaining the memory loss effect of Neuromods.

During the Typhon containment breach, she contacted Robert Gage and urged him to meet her near the elevators as they were evacuating.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Aiken as a corpse originally, but she is turned into a Phantom later. As a Phantom she roams around the main lift on the first floor of Talos I Lobby. She carries 4 Typhon organs and 9mm bullets.

Data Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • There is a bug that makes the "needs repair" symbol flash on her computer, despite it working normally.

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