"If I die, please.. throw me out an airlock, burn me... but don't let them make me into one of them."
Alfred Rose to Morgan Yu [src]

Alfred Rose is a security investigator working on Talos I during Prey (2017).

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Rose worked as a security officer - investigator, aboard Talos I in Cargo Bay. He was ordered by Sarah Elazar to sweep the Cargo Bay for a possible smuggler. Although Rose doesn't find anything, Elazar orders him to do it again as she has a solid source claiming that a smuggler will contraband during the next cycle.

During the Typhon outbreak, Rose takes Ekaterina Mulsaev to safety before she can get hurt.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Rose in Cargo Bay together with other survivors. He witnesses Weaver turning a corpse into a Phantom and asks Morgan to dispose his corpse if he dies, so he would not end up like that. Together with other survivors, Rose partakes in Cargo Bay Defenses.

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  • According to developer notes, "Alfred is normally a patrol officer, but occasionally he does a shift in the Lobby when one of the others has a day off. Alfred hates sitting in one place, so when posted here he tends to wander the entire section. A few times he's been reprimanded for being away from his desk when an Executive passed by, but he persists in his wandering ways. He may have collected notes on the people that work in the Arboretum."