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Alex Yu
Biographical information




Gameplay information
Appears in:

Prey (2017)


CEO and Researcher at Transtar

Real World information
Voice Actor:

Benedict Wong

Alex Yu is the older brother of Morgan Yu and a researcher working for TranStar. He appears as the main antagonist in Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Three years before the events of the game, Alex was still living on Earth. In 2025, he was made CEO of TranStar industries and is largely responsible for most of what has happened or has been developed on the station Talos I. At some point in the past, he went through a great deal of trouble to keep Morgan Yu, his close sibling, incapacitated by removing some of the first neuromods they've had installed, causing them to forget everything that has happened after they were installed, and made them into a test subject for several neuromods based on Typhon Biology.

Prey (2017) Edit

The first mention of Alex in-game is when a call is made to Morgan directly after he wakes up. The call instructs Morgan to put on his Transtar uniform and meet him at the Transtar building. When Morgan arrives, Alex greets directly before entering the tests, talking to him about the tests and how Morgan will soon be in space. Alex is then next seen when Morgan is sedated and Alex instructs another voice to "keep him/her safe."

Personality and skills Edit

Gallery Edit

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