Airlocks are large mechanical doors that lead to the Talos I exterior in Prey (2017).

Overview Edit

Airlocks are large doors found throughout the space station. Each one is equipped with an internal lock that must be disengaged from inside the station.

When the lock is engaged a hydraulic seal covers the door, making the airlock inaccessible from the outside. Airlocks can be unlocked from a workstation near the stairs leading to the airlock door. An Artax Propulsion System is required to use each airlock due to automated safety detection technology built into each door.

The exterior of each airlock has a docking bay covered in pulsing orange lights and a rotating label indicating which part of the station they lead to. There are a total of 6 airlocks around Talos I.

Another door that can be used as an airlock is the shipping container at the Cargo Bay. Dayo Igwe manages to survive and reach Cargo Bay B if Morgan succeeds in attaching his container to the Cargo Bay door. This will also allow Morgan to access Cargo Bay B by using the same container as the airlock.

Gallery Edit

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