Abigail Foy
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Gameplay information
Appears in:

Prey (2017)




Sanitation Boss

Real World information

Abigail Foy was a researcher aboard Talos I during Prey (2017).

History Edit

Background Edit

Abigail worked as a sanitation boss aboard Talos I. She often plays a fictionalized version of Dungeons & Dragons (based off of Arx Fatalis, one of Arkane Studios earlier games) with other coworkers. She also had a romantic relationship with Danielle Sho.

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan Yu finds Foy's corpse inside kitchen's freezer in the Crew Quarters. It's implied that Luka Golubkin killed her. She carries broken cooler fan, suit repair kit, cosmos flower cuttings and a TranScribe.

Related Quest Edit

  • Find Abigail Foy (If you marked her from Crew on Security Station Crew list)
  • Danielle Sho (Quest)
  • Kill the Impostor Cook (Avenging Abigail's death)

Gallery Edit

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