"You need guns? Ammo? I saw one of them science types go into that armory. Saw him punch in the code. You get me out of here, I'll let you have it."
Aaron Ingram upon the first meeting. [src]

Aaron Ingram was in the volunteer program aboard Talos I. His volunteer ID is V-090655-13.


Background Edit

Ingram appears to have been involved in the trafficking of children as well as various other crimes, including fraudulent impersonation - which implies "Aaron Ingram" is not his real name. He denies his crimes saying "I was just gettin'em [children] out of a bad spot."

Prey (2017) Edit

Morgan encounters Ingram in the Psychotronics Material Extraction lab. Upon encountering him he is trapped inside a glass testing room and the player must choose to either free him or let him be killed by mimics for resources. If released, Ingram gratefully thanks the player by giving them the keycode to the armory. If the player chooses to let him get killed by mimics, the player will receive 10 Exotic Material resources.

If Morgan frees Aaron and seals all the gas leaks with gloo in the floor of the path that leads to the Material Extraction lab, Aaron will later appear killed by a mimic, but if at least one gas leak is left, the mimics will not be able to pass and he will escape with the survivors in the shuttle ending. Returning to Psychotronics later in the game will likely lead to the discovery that Aaron has been killed by the Phantom that spawns in the Material Extraction Lab on repeat visits.

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