"Gloo" Test Results is an email in Prey.


From: Group: Small Scale Testing
To: Jorgen Thorstein
Subject: "Gloo" Test Results
Specimen FHJ89c ("Gloo") Adhesion Test

3.1 > Test Specimen Preparation
3.2 > The dimensions shall be optimized for small-scale test chambers (1m3) operating at 1-0.02 air change per hour to achieve the loading factor of 0.1-.9 m2.
3.3 > Applied TBO79c to clean stainless steel sheet metal plate.
3.4 > Thoroughly coated specimen on sheet metal plate successfully with occurrences of minimal waste.
3.5 > Immediately transferred specimen to conditioning environment.

Small scale test: Successful. Recommend moving full scale.
Note: GLOO is still vitreophobic.


This email can be read on the Small Scale Testing group workstation in the offices next to the Atrium, Hardware Labs.